Joy Baer heralds from two generations of librarians. Her books include Have You Heard? and We Heard Everything. Upcoming books include Layers of Light and We Knew Otherwise. She wrote Connect and Storytelling Frescoes. Her book Pompeii Notes is found at the Spencer Library at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. Surrounded by her inspirational family, neighbors, and friends, she lives in Kansas City with her husband Dave.  

In addition to excellent reading skills, readers also know how to read people. Readers have high levels of love, compassion, and communication skills. These stories offer a personal view of a family that perseveres the challenges of everyday living, and I hope they give you encouragement and heartfelt laughs.

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In "perfect" Prairie Village, one family is not-so-perfect. After their mom's injury, three estranged siblings reunite and reveal family mysteries. Reign, a former beauty queen, is married to her job. Emma soothes herself with booze, and Ted is becoming hooked on a prescription med. As they deal with their mom's Amazon addiction and quirky collection, their own lies to each other and themselves come to light. Together, the siblings learn an explosive secret that shakes the foundation of family, marriage, and truth. A heartfelt laugh-out-loud family portrait shows that no one knows you, or loves you, like a brother or a sister.


In book two of the Prairie Village series, three estranged adult siblings unite to clear out their mom's house. Mom's Amazon addiction thrashes out their family dynamics, secrets, and lies. Reign reunites with her husband, but she has competition. Emma's falling in love with a dreamboat millionaire, but at a high cost. And Ted's falling in love with the family's archenemy. The siblings learn heartrending information that challenges the core of love, marriage, and family. A humorous, heartwarming, and inspirational story, the siblings prove that no one knows and loves you like family.