JOY BAER - Contemporary Fresco Artist

     Joy Baer (b US) is a Contemporary Fresco Artist known for symbolic works of profound expressions of human nature. Baer specializes in symbolic iconography.
Her work shows a reflection of shared cultural concepts. "Symbolism offers a way
to view and understand our physical and spiritual world. These timeless symbols
have a power that carries across cultures and centuries. I paint to convey
the lost language of symbolism."

Baer is inspired by the spiritual storytelling frescoes of Pompeii, Italy, where she teaches fresco workshops. She uses the time-honored fresco process of
fresh earth minerals and fresh water painted onto natural porous surfaces.
Carbonization is formed, which is a chemical bond that endures for centuries.

Baer received a B.F.A. from the University of Kansas. Her work is found in museums, public spaces and corporate and private collections. Baer is known for her Temporary Fresco Studios found around the world. Baer has authored two fresco books, and her frescoes have been published by Bridgeman of London, Berlin, NYC and Paris.

Joy Baer