Joy Baer

Tempus Fugit Plaster Series

"Following the historical frescoes found in cultures around the world,
I create the fresco process on plaster, rock, marble, cement and brick.
I love to paint a good story." Joy Baer

Holy Spirit
Fresco on plaster
11 x 14 x 3"

Spiritual Vine
Fresco on plaster
8 x 8 x .5"
study for 240 sq ft
fresco installation

Fresco on plaster
7.75 x 9.5 x .5"
Museum of Biblical Arts,
Dallas, TX

The Original Message
Fresco on plaster
14 x 9 x 3"

Ancient Plans
Fresco on plaster
4 x 6 x 1.5"

Fresco on plaster
4 x 6 x 2"

Fresco on slate
16 x 16 x 1"
framed 17 x 17"

Antelope Hunt
Fresco on slate
16 x 16 x .5"

Morning Horse Herd
Fresco on slate
16 x 16 x .5"



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